People say that I am shy, funny, creative, intuitive, rational, adventurous, careful, brave, witty, easygoing, open-minded, polite, honest, sociable, ambitious, patient, impatient, hard-working, obsessive, versatile, discreet, frank, generous, friendly, optimistic, quiet, loud, bright, passionate, unpredictable, reliable, charming, emotional, straightforward, enthusiastic, calm, pro-active, sensitive, loving, sincere, communicative, loyal, compassionate, diplomatic, understanding, imaginative, romantic, independent, courageous, determined, reserved, helpful, humorous, intelligent, kind, persistent, practical, sensible, resourceful, self-confident, adaptable, neat, sympathetic, thoughtful, tidy, tough, nice, inventive, warmhearted, modest, and not necessary in that order.

Didn’t go to film school. Learnt filming the good way, mucking in. Did go to art college though! Love what I do and want more. Born in Milan, live in Madrid, I'm English.